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September 06, 2008
Instead of stamping and creating the past few days I've been mixing up my blog layout and design. I've been thinking of going to 3 column lately and finally now it's here! A few more little things to do and then I can come back once I get some stamp time in. Happy Saturday to you all!

OK! This is how I did it:
Go over and check out this blog for directions, it helped me out quite a bit. Some modification to the html and voila! 3 Columns! Just remember to read all directions. I did most of the directions and then got all confused why the columns were not spaced evenly. Find out that I had forgotten to change something to "left"!

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  1. Love the 3! It's the rule of thirds. lol

  2. Love the three columns ... now how'd you do it??

  3. WooHoo!! Great layout and great link. I used the post you linked to and revamped my site layout...without the help of my programmer hubby...Thanks!!


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